Antonio Cordero Castro

Founder Partner Architect and BIM Manager

Swiss Spanish Architect with more than 12 years of international experience in management, project coordination, training and architectural design. After graduating in Interior Design in Geneva in 2010 and in Architecture in Lausanne in 2012, he specialized in BIM Management in Barcelona in 2017. He has collaborated as Head of Architecture and BIM Manager, in studios of architecture, interior design and developers-builders. His experience at Groupe H Architecture & Ingénierie in Geneva led him to confront the management and coordination of large-scale projects.

Later he moved to Japan, where he worked for the emblematic Japanese architecture firm Azuma Architects & Associates. There he participated, together with Rie Azuma, in the conception and development of important luxury hotel projects of traditional Japanese ryokans and onsens for the Hoshinoya firm, in Akita, Osaka, Tokyo and Okinawa island. After his return to Europe, he directed the Department of Architecture and BIM Management at Swissroc Group, between Geneva and Warsaw, in which he led and trained a team of eleven architects and engineers as well as the company's full BIM implementation.

More recently, he collaborated in Madrid as BIM Manager in the entire Vía Ágora holding, made up of the firms Lignum Tech and Rehabiterm where, in addition to the full BIM implementation in the entire group, the quality control of the modeling and the interdisciplinary coordination of the projects. In 2021, he specialized in Capture of the Reality by point cloud. He began teaching classes as a Professor in the BIM Master at EADIC University. At the moment, he is the founding Partner of the architecture company Teleno Studio. 

Cristian Álvarez Blanco

Graduated in Architecture in the in the Polytechnical Institute of Madrid in 2012, he specializes in rehabilitation projects and renovation of housing and commercial spaces. Always related to the city of Madrid, where he lives and which has seen it transforming and growing to become one of the most attractive international cities for creation and investment.

With 10 years of experience in the design of residential projects, he has worked for various architecture offices in the city. Between 2015 and 2018 he was part of Lemon Prime Arquitectura, the Venezuelan construction company that has carried out some of the most exclusive large rehabilitations in the center of Madrid.

Since 2018 he has been working as an architect for the internationally renowned interior studio Casa Josephine Studio, included in the list of the 100 best interior designers in the world according to AD France magazine in 2020. With this team he has had the privilege of participating in the most distinguished projects of housing rehabilitation, furniture design, art direction and ephemeral architectures. He is currently the founding partner of the architecture studio Teleno Studio.