Cabins for hikers in the Lagoa do Canario

Cabins for hikers in the Lagoa do Canario

  • location:Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal
  • client:Private
  • program:Four cabins for trekkers
  • surface:Cab. 60 m2 Total 650 m2
  • photography:Teleno Studio

The project is an approach to the Nature. It invites you to stop on the road and spend a moment contemplating life on the lake. It's a throwback to the treehouses of our childhood. A shelter that protects from inclement weather and that blends in with the environment to feel in communion with it.

This feeling has been reinforced after a pandemic experience. In addition, the cabins provide comfort and well-being after a day of sports through the multitude of paths that the protected natural environment of the Lagoa do Canário has.

Each of the four cabins has a construction system of wood on piles that allows the project to settle on swampy terrain. The typology generates a larger and common space, to share a meal and warm up around a home. Both open onto a terrace for viewing the lake. On the other hand, the smaller spaces contained in a thick wall, with the night spaces, the kitchen and the bathroom. Above the thick wall, a small shelter, intended for the contemplation of birds and reading.