Casa Celada

Casa Celada

  • location:Celada de la Vega, León, Spain
  • client:Private
  • program:Renovation of a country house in Celada de la Vega
  • surface:120 m2
  • photography:Teleno Studio

The family trips to the African continent inspire the atmosphere of this country house with warm colors and full of memories. The dark-toned tropical woods contrast with the white stone of Calacatta marble and the natural pigments of traditional North African clay pottery.

Casa Celada is a single unit country house located in the province of León, in Spain. The house has a living area of ​​about 360 m2. The main entrance space organizes the home around a double-height staircase. A small room within the large space and takes place like a cave behind a curtain. In it, a living room with the Mali Sofa in tile-colored velvet, designed by Teleno Studio, and two sheepskin armchairs around a large solid wood table with two Kenyan wooden bowls.

The linen in the large windows and the Afghan rugs on the ceramic floor increase interior comfort and bathe the entrance in tile and wheat colors in memory of the savanna landscapes and their sunsets.

The wall tapestries in tan tones of Afghan wool, an original design by Teleno Studio, repeat the same pattern inspired by the geometries of animal skins.

For this project we have worked with local artisans, the stone table is from a quarry in the area. The wooden sculptures are from an association of working women in Burkina Faso. The handmade rugs were made by families in Afghanistan with natural wool.