Interpretation Center of Lagoa do Canario

Interpretation Center of Lagoa do Canario

  • location:São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
  • client:Private
  • program:Exhibition space, Tourism Office & Restaurant
  • surface:350 m2
  • photography:Teleno Studio

The purpose of the interpretation center is to teach to value the natural heritage by protecting the fauna and flora of the Canary Islands lagoon. Since the lagoon is in a protected landscape area and a paradise for hikers and botanists, we have thought of this building as the starting point for a set of paths, thus creating a place of confluence and knowledge necessary to respect nature.

The Azores Islands, especially for its native flora, represents a highly threatened heritage. Especially on the island of San Miguel, where the exuberant vegetation has been destroyed for the most part. The small exhibition space is intended to help inform about the problem. Asking about possible solutions. In addition, the program includes an information office for tourists and a restaurant with specialties from the island, inspired by the geological history of the lagoon and its surroundings.

The wooden frame that makes up the structure is designed to open up the common spaces on the outside.The spaces that require more privacy are embraced by wooden panels, thus generating a thick wall. The entire architectural complex opens on two sides, looking towards a terrace that encourages the contemplation of nature. All materials and glues used in this project are natural and respectful of the environment. In addition, the building is designed so that its carbon impact is zero, also allowing extra energy production.